Monday, 4 July 2011

30 Day Health Kick!


Hey everyone!
Alright so a while back me and my family began a health kick and started being more healthy. It was going alright but it wasn't exactly exciting because we felt like we couldn't eat anything exciting! Food is so much harder to eat when it tastes gross right? Last week me and my mum ate some takeout food and I can honestly say I've never felt so ill in my entire life, I was so ugh! I felt sick, bloated and heavy (isn't that weird, it's hard to explain but I just felt huge). And my mum concluded it must have been because I'd eaten greasy food when my body had gotten used to not having it.

So I decided that I enjoy having my body not used to eating junk, but I seriously feel like I'm slacking! So I'm beginning a 30 day health kick challenge where I only eat natural and healthy foods. I decided to begin this on Saturday 9th July because my prom is on the 8th and I can confirm that there will be junk food there! I'm excited to begin this challenge because if I complete it not only will be I feel like I can achieve anything but I'm going to feel so much healthier! I'm also going to be doing 1 hour of exercise each day!

I'm also going to go shopping on Wednesday and buy lots of new healthy foods, and I may even film my own recipes I come up with for you to watch! Each day I will post a progress report on how I feel and what I did and ate during the day. I want to prove to myself that having a healthy lifestyle really can do wonders.

My inspiration? I read an article about Miranda Kerr's healthy lifestyle, and I figured if a woman who's just had a baby can do it, why can't I? A young 16 year old teenager. I also thought if I get healthy while I'm younger it will be easily when I'm older. I'm happy with my actual body, I just want to tone my legs and arms a bit.

Saturday is the day everything changes!


  1. good luck!! I recently started eating much healthier this summer & it has helped me have more energy, feel less bloated, etc. the less sweets you eat, the less you'll crave! :) (although that is hard for me b/c I love sweets so much)

  2. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to starting it because I know I'm going to feel 10x better on the outside and inside!

    Take care :)

  3. So - I nominated you for the Top 10 Award: Skincare Edition on my blog. I would love to see you fill out the tag! :)