Friday, 29 July 2011

My School Essentials!


These 12 items are going to have permanent fixtures in my school bag when the new term starts. They're everything you need to survive inside and outside the classroom!

1. Notebook - I love having a notebook because I can work on my coursework at home and take it into school to be marked, in some of my classes we weren't allowed to take our exercise books home or we had to use paper so this was the perfect alternative to keep everything organised. My favourite notebook is my Oxford notebook, I got my first one in the sale for £2 and since then I've been HOOKED. You can really tell the difference between the paper quality compared to one you could get from a pound store. Plus the Oxford ones come with handy revision and note-taking tips at the front!

2. Wallet folder - These are way easier to carry around than the thick cardboard ones and they hold quite a lot of sheets. I used to keep any reminders, letters home or homework done on a separate sheet in my folder and I never lost a thing.

3. School diary - Without one of these you'll be missing important dates. I use them to record any homework, and I also write on the day it's due in that it's due so when I have a look the night before I can think to myself, 'Did I do it?'. I always noticed that if I didn't record my homework I would end up forgetting to do it or having to ask someone from my class the night before. They're also very good for spreading out your homework, if you've got a project due in a month you can space out sessions where you can pencil in, 'work on project now'.

4. Umbrella - If you live in England you will DEFINITELY need an umbrella in your bag. I used to get caught in the rain all the time until I put my umbrella in my bag. They're not very heavy and you'll be patting yourself on the back if there's a sudden downpour and you realise you packed your umbrella! If you don't have an umbrella you can pack a rain coat instead, they're also very light and can be folded up so they take up less space.

5. Thermos Flask - Perfect for summer or winter, the one I have keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. When it's snowing outside and everyone's shivering in the canteen you can snuggle up with your flask of hot chocolate whilst you wait for the bell to ring.

6. Travel card/money - If you live a distance from your school you'll need a travel pass or money. I always carry money in my school bag just in case of an emergency. Luckily my school was a 10 minute walk away so I didn't need to use transport, however when I start Year 12 later this year I'll have to use the bus.

7. Moisturizing balm - It's good to carry one that can be used anywhere on your body. It sucks when you get to school and realise you have dry and chapped lips doesn't it? Or perhaps you have dry hands, it's always good to be prepared.

8. iPod/MP3 - Some classes might allow you to listen to your music whilst you work, so you should always be prepared. It's also useful for long travel journeys, though remember to keep an ear free if you're walking somewhere alone, just in case someone is following you.

9. USB - Perfect for backing up your files and taking your essays into school for printing. You can buy ones with cute designs and patterns from eBay for reasonable prices.

10. Sticky notes - You can use these to mark important pages in your textbooks or even to stick into your school diary for something important. That way you won't have to waste a whole page of your A4 Notebook if you have to write something down for someone else.

11. Highlighters - Highlight important dates and information, I have no idea where I would have been without these when I was revising for my Health and Social Care exam, there was so much information to go through so it was easier highlighting the key words and sentences for future reference. 

12. Pencil case - To keep all of your stationary organised. In my pencil case I keep around 3 pens, 1 is my special pen that I always use and then 2 others in case someone else needs one. I also carry around 3 pencils and sometimes 2 sharpeners as some pencils won't sharpen on certain sharpeners. 1 rubber, ruler and compass!

What are you guys carrying in your school bags?

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