Sunday, 7 August 2011

Update on my cupboard!


Since my last post on my new project I have successfully;
- Painted all walls of my cupboard with a blue paint (I found this paint and my mum let me use it so I thought, 'why not?' at least I'll be saving money this way).
- Painted the 3 shelves and skirting board white.
- Gotten paint on my pajama trousers, boo!

All I have left to do now is;
- Hang up a rail.
- Buy a rug.
- Buy 2 wall lamps.
- Buy some plastic boxes for storage on the top shelf and maybe floor.

I have a video clip of the cupboard before I started work, and I will take a video of what it looks like now, and then make a final video on the entire transformation!

I'm having so much fun doing this, and it's even better knowing that I've done all of it by myself!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Back2School; Autumn Edition - Preppy


Personally I love wearing collared shirts and preppy tops, but I like to add my own personal twist and wear things that have a 'used' feel to them. Almost like I've just been travelling with the item and now I just got back. I love the belt in this outfit because it has that feel to it, the colours go really well together.

In England school starts in September, which is the month that Autumn starts, so everyone who gets to wear their own clothes will probably be stocking up on clothes that are going to keep them a tad warmer.

I'm bored of being on holiday already!

What did I eat for...?


Although it's been raining during the night, it's still very hot and humid outside, I hate eating hot meals when it's already hot because I feel like I'm burning inside and out. So what did I eat for breakfast this morning?

Half of a grapefruit with a teensy bit of sugar sprinkled on top, I hate the taste of it with no sugar, so sour and urgh! Remember to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything with citric acid in to avoid a trip to the dentist.
Then to top off I had a packet of Doriano Italian Crackers, there's 8 packets and in each one you get 4 crackers. They're really tasty and all they have in them is, wheat flour, vegetable oils, salt, malted barley, flour and yeast. You can taste the salt so I try to stick to 1 packet a day.

I'm ready for my day of transforming my cupboard into a closet! Btw, I have a new twitter, @writtenbyEG so if you use it let's follow each other!

Take care and have a wonderful and happy day!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My first TAG!

Top 10 Award: Skincare Edition

Woohoo, my first ever TAG! I'm embarrassingly late with this, but that's honestly normal for me, late for everything but extremely organised! Isn't that a weird combo, ha ha!

I want to thank Anne ( for tagging me in this, although I've only spoken to her a few times she's very nice and supported my 30 Day Health Kick Challenge! (I'm still doing this but surprise surprise I'm late, as usual).

Click read more to see my top 10 skincare products, otherwise this blog will take up the whole screen!