Thursday, 4 August 2011

What did I eat for...?


Although it's been raining during the night, it's still very hot and humid outside, I hate eating hot meals when it's already hot because I feel like I'm burning inside and out. So what did I eat for breakfast this morning?

Half of a grapefruit with a teensy bit of sugar sprinkled on top, I hate the taste of it with no sugar, so sour and urgh! Remember to brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything with citric acid in to avoid a trip to the dentist.
Then to top off I had a packet of Doriano Italian Crackers, there's 8 packets and in each one you get 4 crackers. They're really tasty and all they have in them is, wheat flour, vegetable oils, salt, malted barley, flour and yeast. You can taste the salt so I try to stick to 1 packet a day.

I'm ready for my day of transforming my cupboard into a closet! Btw, I have a new twitter, @writtenbyEG so if you use it let's follow each other!

Take care and have a wonderful and happy day!


  1. I know grapefruits are really healthy for you but I dont like the sourness of them. Hmm maybe if I put sugar like you. And good advice on brushing the teeth. scary stuff. Dont mess with your teeth!


  2. I remember the first time I ate a grapefruit without any sugar on, my face completely crinkled with disgust! It only takes a teeny bit of sugar to make it bearable so I guess it's not too bad :D

    Take care,