Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Transforming a Cupboard into a Closet!


Yesterday I was sorting out the clothes in this old cupboard on my upstairs landing when I noticed on the walls bits of wood used to hold shelves up, around 4 in total. This gave me a brilliant idea, I can't believe it didn't occur to me sooner that this is what I should be doing! When I'm watching room tours of beauty guru's who live in the US, I always notice how their closets/wardrobes are basically cupboards (in England) with shelves and racks added!

Me and my Mum don't have wardrobes so we basically just fold our clothes and put them into this cupboard to stop them from getting creased. I figured I could turn the cupboard into a closet/wardrobe and then that way my Mum could save money by only buying 1 wardrobe instead of 2! 

Today I picked out the 2 colours I'm painting the inside, there's Mulberry Burst by Dulux for the back wall and space above the door, and Raspberry Bellini also by Dulux for the 2 side walls. Tomorrow my mum is going to buy the stuff needed to make the clothes rail, I'm going to have it quite high so there's still space for shelves down below. We're also going to have those battery operated lights that switch on when you push them so I can see everything. I've got so so many ideas and I'm going to post pictures and mini videos on the progress, this will be like my summer project!

Have you guys ever done anything like this?
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