Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fantasy Summer Holiday!

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself on the perfect holiday! The sun is shining (and because this is a fantasy, you don't sweat, yay) and the cool water just brushes your toes as the tide comes in and out. Although the beach is full you still have the perfect spot in the sand and all the young children are bothering everyone else, and not you!
Now imagine your outfit! This is what I did today and I came up with the outfit above. Yellow is my favourite colour but it looks even more amazing with a pinky/purpley colour added. Remember when you're heading to the beach you don't have to make your bikini match what you're wearing, in fact if you try to make it match less it'll look like you just threw anything on but still stayed stylish!

What's your fantasy summer holiday outfit for hanging at the beach?


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