Friday, 10 June 2011

Welcome to Elegantly Graceful!

Being a teenager can be TOUGH, growing up, peer pressure, new friendships, exam stress, relationships, finding a job, university, getting a job, it's enough to make you want to crawl under a rock until it all goes away, right? That's what I used to think, but sometimes you have to face up to reality, you can't be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand because you'll often find that when you resurface the problems will still be there.

Finding yourself as a person isn't something that happens overnight, it's a gradual process, and in order to find your true self you need to experience life. And when I say experience life, I do not mean 'losing your virginity before you're ready' or 'being peer pressured into drinking or smoking'. If you give in too easily, one day you'll learn that you were too soft. Experiencing life doesn't have to be physical, it can be emotional.

I remember when I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted from life, until one day things changed and I saw everything from a whole new prospective. Going through tough times made me a stronger person, at the time it was awful, but looking back at the person I was before it happened, and the person I am now, I'm glad it did happen. I'm glad I've experienced pain and loss because now I know what it feels like to love and to to be loved. 

I really hope you enjoy my blog, one day I might be telling you about a lesson I learnt through friendship, and the next I could be raving about my favourite body lotion, but will you follow me? Every step of the way? 

You never know, you could learn something about yourself.

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