Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Supplies: At the Beach!

These are the items you don't wanna forget when you're heading to the beach!

1. Small coin purse - £3.75 - F21
2. Simple Facial SPF - £10.20 - Boots
3. Sunglasses - £12 - ASOS
4. Flip Flops - £12.99 - ASOS
5. Shawl - £6.99 - H&M
6. Straw Hat - £7.99 - H&M
7. Water - £0.00 - Your Home
8. Straw Bag - £29.99 - HM
9. Hair Elastics - £1.50 - HM

These are items I would take specifically to the beach only. I'm really loving straw items, they just remind me of summer and being carefree! I chose the small coin purse because it had a longer strap that will go across your body, it's useful if you don't wanna lug your beach bag around whilst you're going shopping. Don't forget body SPF also, I chose the facial one because I have it (But I didn't pay £10.20 as that's kinda expensive, I got it off of eBay for £3.99 and it came brand new in it's box! For more on eBay check out the blog posts below.)

Hope you're all having fun preparing for summer, I know I am, only 4 more exams left!

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