Monday, 20 June 2011

Top 3 Inexpensive Essentials!

Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 inexpensive essentials. Literally I could not live without either of these 3 items. Not only do I love them because they actually do their job, but they're so inexpensive which means ANYONE can get their hands on them!

E45 Cream
This was a lifesaver a few weeks back when the skin around my mouth and on my chin was dry and extremely flaky, I tried everything! Even my normal facial moisturizer wasn't doing the job and I remembered my sister used to swear by this stuff so in a last ditch attempt to get my skin soft and supple before the leaving ceremony at my school the next day, I texted her and asked if I could borrow some of hers. Being the best sister ever she went to the supermarket herself and got me a tube whilst I was at school! TIP: You may want to shake it before you apply it, when I first opened the tube and tipped it upside down liquid ran out of it so I had to shake it to mix everything back up. At first when I used it I was worried because it seemed extremely oily and like it would break my skin out. Only I put a generous amount on the night before the leaving ceremony and when I woke up my skin hadn't broken out. In fact the blemishes that were on the dry area had vanished, I read somewhere that some pimples are caused by dry skin. Your skin tries to compensate for the dryness by producing oils which clog your pores and BAM you've got blemishes! I tested this out as I had some blemishes on the side of my face and literally within an hour of applying E45 they had gone from rupturing volcanoes to meek mole hills. Personally I was in shock because none of my other moisturizers had done this for my skin. Now this tube (50g) costs £1.90 and has lasted me from 13th May up until now, and that's applying it twice a day. This is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my essentials bag!

Cocoa Butter Vaseline
Another lifesaver right here, I love Cocoa Butter Vaseline because not only does it do the job of the original Vaseline, but it has the added bonus that it smells wonderful! I use this for 3 main purposes. Firstly I use it as a simple lip balm, not a lot is needed but it definitely does the trick. Secondly I use it almost as a lip treatment, before bed I smother it onto my lips and sleep and in the morning my lips are wonderfully soft and ready for the harsh weather conditions. Finally this tin of magic is a lifesaver if you've forgotten your hand moisturizer because it does wonders to the dry skin around my nails and on my hands. This goes everywhere with me and has saved my lips on many occasions. This (20g) tin costs £1.99 and can also be brought in stick form, for if you just specifically want it for your lips. I got this last Christmas and there's still lots of it left.

Palmolive Soft and Gentle Body Responsive Deodorant: passion flower & black orchid
If you're searching for a deodorant that does the trick then stop searching right now! This stuff is AMAZING, and it's only by chance that I picked it up. I was searching around Boots for a deodorant because my Nivea one had run out and the cheapest one was this one, I got it because I have the spray version in Lotus and Watermelon and that also does it's job. It says 'body responsive' on the packaging but that didn't really stick in my head because I was just focused on getting a deodorant above everything else. So I get home, sniff it and my nose senses explode! I can't even describe the scent but if you're a girly girl you will LOVE it, it just makes me smell so clean and fresh and girly! But not in an overpowering way, it's almost like a comforting smell. Even if you're not into smelling nice you'll love it because every time you lift your arms you'll get a smell of it and it makes you feel so clean! They also do the scent in a spray form which I'm definitely buying, but I think if this product wasn't a deodorant it would HAVE to be a perfume, it smells like a perfume but works like a deodorant! Anyway, back to the deodorant side of things, I have not sweated since I brought this and began wearing it! I don't know what it is but the whole 'body responsive' advertisement sure as heck works! I'm so glad that I brought this because it's so nice! If I'm honest I don't know why I didn't expect it to be so fabulous when I saw it, I use the Palmolive body wash in Cherry and the scent stays on my skin for the whole day, and smells lovely! This (50ml) bottle costs £1.09, which is amazing considering it actually works!

So those are my 3 inexpensive essentials that I totally swear by, hand on heart. I can't even pick a favourite because they all work so amazingly in their own little way, but the definitely life (or should I say face) saver would be the E45, I was panicking about going to the leaving ceremony at school with a flaky face but it lasted throughout the whole day, thank goodness!
What are your inexpensive essentials?

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