Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quick Shopping Tip:!


Don't you hate it when you watch a Beauty Guru on Youtube who shows this uber-amazing product that's a must-have and you realise your local stores don't stock it?


There's a lot of misconception surrounding eBay, many people won't use it because they think everything sold is secondhand, or that they might get scammed. Let me break it down for you;

1. There's mix of secondhand and new items on eBay, and when you're viewing an item, it will state at the top whether it's used, new, new without packaging, etc. Often the sellers will also upload a picture of the actual item so you can judge for yourself whether the packaging is still on it. Retail stores like Argos and Tesco have shops on eBay where they sell discontinued products for a cheaper price, and everything is new! If you search hard enough, you can probably find almost anything brand new for a cheaper price than you would if you brought it from the official retail website or the shop.

2. Many sellers only accept Paypal as a method of payment. This is a bonus for you the buyer because if you win something and send your payment but don't receive what you paid for, you can contact Paypal and they will refund all of your money. You probably won't find even find yourself in this situation if you look at the percentage of Positive Feedback the seller has. If you're still not convinced by 100% positive feedback you can actually read reviews people have left about the quality of service they received off the seller.

Now that's cleared up, you'll be pleased to know that many sellers stock items that aren't sold in particular countries. For example, the UK eBay stocks the different flavours of Softlips lip balm that aren't actually sold in UK shops. And if the seller is from the UK as well, the postage won't be outrageous!

So next time your favourite Guru is talking about a product that's not sold in your country, just check eBay! There are different eBay sites for different countries so make sure you get the right one for yours!

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