Friday, 17 June 2011

Lesson of the Week: Strength in Yourself

Do you remember being young and believing that life was so easy and simple? Being content with things that you probably wouldn't be content with now? Not really knowing anything about the real world because you put yourself in a protective bubble?
I remember all of that, never did I imagine during my childhood that life could ever be so cruel, so hard or such a let down. Playing with my Bratz dolls I would make up elaborate stories where there was a group of solid friends and then a baddie, only in the end the baddie ended up being friends with everyone else. 
The hardest part of growing up was seeing people change and give up on their dreams. And I used to wonder why I hadn't changed, because even now I still dream up elaborate adventures and think of the unthinkable. I know that the probability of such dreams happening is slim but there's hope, there's hope if you had the power to think of your dream and there's hope if you had the power to believe in it. No matter how many people tell me that my dream will be hard to reach, no matter how many people question my ability, I can't give up. Something in my heart tells me to go on, something urges me onward towards my dream.

I'm glad that at every hurdle in my life I had the strength to jump over it and continue the race. One by one, everyone who's ever questioned my ability, my passion or my sheer determination has been proved wrong. I remember running for a Harry Potter Facebook competition last year, the task was to create an advertisement counting down to the release of the first part of the seventh film. Of course when I saw the competition there was no question about whether I was going to enter, the prize was 2 tickets to the premiere and the winning video featured during the advertisements. So I borrowed a camera off of my sister and I spent the entire afternoon trying to film this advertisement. Only it wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to. I spent the entire night redrafting a plan for the video, everything from the words to the actions and I asked my sister to film me. She didn't encourage me because she didn't want to me to get excited and nothing to come out of it. At first she said no but eventually we agreed that straight after school the next day (Friday) she would film me. So Friday approaches, which is also the deadline for the entries and I'm rushing around panicking trying to get it all done. Eventually we manage it and get it uploaded and from there on out it's just waiting. I think about 2 days after I get a friend request on Facebook from the account running the competition and I cannot believe it. The competition said 5 videos would be selected and from there on 1 would be chosen as the winner. I didn't win the actual competition, but the fact that I was 1 of the 5 chosen from around 50 entries meant something to me. It meant that I should follow my heart because one day it will lead me to greatness. I'm proud of myself for that, I showed everyone that I have the passion but that I can also deal with maybe not coming first, but in the top five.

So if any of you have a dream, or even a feeling in your gut that you should do something, DO IT! I promise you that if you have the passion it will pay off one day.

Keep believing!

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